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It is strange that companies continue to overlook the importance of performance testing, frequently deploying applications with little or no understanding of their problems, only to be beset with performance and scalability problems soon after the release.

Spike Test Technologies Performance Testing & Engineering teams have extensive experience in providing cutting-edge services to global clients. Our Performance Testing and Load Testing expertise spans a wide range of applications including client-server, web, distributed, mobile, cloud databases, high-volume transaction systems, and highly complex applications. Our Performance Center of Excellence provides end-to-end performance testing solutions to help our clients launch future-proof applications with high responsiveness, availability, and scalability.

Performance testing is an important non-functional test phase that accurately gauges system stability and response time under different workloads. In some cases, performance testing can identify problems that would otherwise cause a application to crash.

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Experience the difference of performance testing done right. Partner with us to unlock your application's true potential and provide your users with an unparalleled online experience.

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    Our team of seasoned performance testing professionals brings years of experience in optimizing applications and applications for peak performance. With a deep understanding of industry best practices, we deliver results you can trust.

  • We offer a full suite of performance testing services tailored to your specific needs. From load testing to stress testing, we leave no stone unturned in identifying and eliminating performance bottlenecks.

  • Our arsenal includes the latest and most advanced performance testing tools. We leverage these tools to provide accurate and actionable insights, ensuring your application performs flawlessly under any circumstances.

  • Don't wait for performance issues to arise; our proactive approach allows us to identify potential problems before they impact your users. We address weaknesses early on, ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • Whether you run a small application or manage a complex web application, our solutions scale to meet your requirements. From startups to enterprise-level businesses, we have you covered.

  • Our performance testing is not guesswork; it's driven by data. We analyze performance metrics and present you with clear, concise reports that help you make informed decisions for improvement.

  • We understand the importance of optimizing costs while enhancing performance. Our cost-effective solutions ensure you get the best value for your investment.

  • Your success is our priority. We work closely with you, understanding your unique goals and challenges, to tailor our performance testing services to align with your business objectives.

  • Communication is key to a successful partnership. We keep you informed at every step of the process, providing transparent updates and progress reports.

  • Our ultimate goal is to deliver tangible results that positively impact your application's performance. Count on us to deliver measurable improvements that elevate your digital presence.


Testing Tools

Performance Testing Tools
  • Loadrunner
  • Jmeter
  • Neoload
Monitoring (Engineering) Services
  • AppDynamics
  • Dynatrace
  • Grafana
  • Azure Cloud monitoring


Maximize Your Digital Success with Unparalleled Performance Testing Services!

At Spike Test Technologies, we pride ourselves on being the driving force behind your application's exceptional performance. As a dedicated team of performance testing experts, we go above and beyond to ensure your digital assets excel in today's fast-paced online world.

Our comprehensive performance testing solutions rigorously examine every aspect of your application's speed, scalability, and reliability. From peak traffic simulations to stress tests, we leave no stone unturned in identifying bottlenecks and optimizing performance.

With cutting-edge tools and methodologies at our disposal, we fine-tune your application's performance to deliver lightning-fast loading times and seamless user experiences. We understand the critical impact of performance on your brand reputation and user satisfaction, so we are committed to helping you achieve excellence.

Leave the complexities of performance testing to us and focus on what truly matters – growing your business. Partner with [Company Name] today and witness the transformation of your online presence into a high-performing powerhouse.

Reach out to us now, and let's supercharge your application's performance together!

Load testing

Load testing gauges the ability of infrastructure to support the expected usage of a system, as opposed to the extreme transaction volumes involved in stress testing. It too uses network visualization to simulate realistic conditions, especially when all elements of an application are not available for a performance test.
We check system behavior under a set of expected load variations that help identify a number of connections the system can handle while delivering a certain response time. We also detect system bottlenecks and determine which system element is causing them.

Stress testing

Stress testing involves examining the stability and reliability of IT infrastructure and accurately gauging its ability to support exceptional transaction volumes. In other words, stress testing aims to identify the failure threshold of the application in question, often through network visualisation of high user concurrency.
We identify the maximum operating capacity the system can handle in terms of extreme load. Then we check whether it will perform sufficiently if the current load goes above the expected maximum. This helps to plan the potential outrages that can result in new system connections.

Scalability testing

STT measures the capability of a system to scale as more load is applied to it. We help to understand at which point the system stops scaling and identify the reasons for this. Results of scalability testing can be used to plan for future growth and avoid over-investment in hardware.

Endurance Testing

Endurance Testing is non-functional type of software testing where a software is tested with high load extended over a significant amount of time between 8 - 24hrs to evaluate the behavior of software application under sustained use. The main purpose of endurance testing is to ensure that the application doesn’t have the problem of memory leakages and is capable enough to handle extended load without any deterioration of response time.

Spike Testing

Spike Testing is a type of performance testing in which an application receives a sudden and extreme increase or decrease in load. The goal of spike testing is to determine the behavior of a software application when it receives extreme variations in traffic. Spike testing addresses more than just an application's maximum load; it also verifies an application's recovery time between activity spikes. The word “spike” refers to the sudden increase or decrease in traffic.


Monitoring service in the context of a application refers to the process of continuously observing and tracking the application's performance, availability, and various metrics to ensure that it functions optimally and meets the desired standards. It involves using specialized tools and systems that monitor different aspects of the application, helping application owners, administrators, or developers proactively identify issues, bottlenecks, and potential risks in real-time or near real-time. Monitoring services are crucial for maintaining a seamless user experience and maximizing the application's efficiency.

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